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Of cats and clean houses

February 23, 2009

Primary Language Lessons is a great tool to teach children to speak and write English correctly. I am really enjoying using it for our studies.  However, the volume was written in the early 1900’s.  Thus some of the topics covered are a bit irrelevant (e.g. the care of pets speaks of caring for ponies).  Today Benjamin needed to read questions silently and answer them in complete statements.  Some of his responses made me laugh out loud.  Thought I would share them with you.

Q:  When does a cat shed its fur?

A:  When it gets really tight!

Q: Of what use is a cat about a house or barn?

A:  To clean it.

Q: What does a cat eat?

A: Cat food.

We don’t have a cat.  But I am thinking about getting one now … to keep our house clean!


My Knights in shining armor

February 20, 2009




Creation movie

February 18, 2009

Eric and I just watched a beautiful movie on creation.  God’s handiwork is stunning! Click here to watch it.

Enjoy!  Can’t wait to let the boys watch it.

Birthday Celebrations

February 12, 2009


 Thank you!

My family and friends

for loving me 


blessing me

so much!


 These two special girls made a feast in my honor! 


Then more friends had a special brunch for me!



But this nicest man of all


shocked me with 


with one of these red things on top


So now I can visit all my friends and get over 39 mpg!!!

Thank you!



February 12, 2009

I stumbled upon this cute idea.  I think we will make these tomorrow for Valentine’s Day treats for the boys little friends.



More photographs and how to directions at inchmark


February 12, 2009

I asked Benjamin about love. And he told me that

1. Love looks like…a heart

2. Love sounds like…”love you!”

3. Love smells like… love

4. Love tastes like… jelly beans

5. Love feels like… hugs

Real People

December 23, 2008

Babushka is visiting us for Christmas, New Year’s and my Birthday.  While here Benjamin asked her to make him a scarf.  For the color he chose scarlet! (that’s his favorite crayon color).  Yesterday the scarf was finally completed!  He hastily wrapped it around his neck with the words: “this is how they wear it”.

Me: “Who are they?”

B.: “The real people”

Note to all the real people:  thank you for teaching my son how to wear his scarf!