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Back to Basics or Art 101

July 9, 2012

It finally happened!  We had an art lesson.

When marrying my husband, who is an artist, I had visions of our future children drawing and painting for hours on end.  When children came I exposed them to art books, art museums, and art supplies, hoping that they would naturally turn into Monets and Rembrands. To my dismay, that plan didn’t work!  On the contrary, they grew up equaling drawing a simple illustration or coloring a page to pulling teeth.

I have never hoped for them to make their livelihood off of their artistic abilities.  Iwould  just  like  them to be acquainted with basic drawing concepts, principles of perspective and composition.

Eric started with the basics: it was simple, it was fun, and I think we might actually have some art lesson lovers in this home.

And I learned something new as well: apparently our eyes are located right in the center of the head.  I didn’t believe it at first, but after some measuring I had to admit to my husband that he was right.

P.S. Don’t let this deceive you.  Doing those projects was like pulling teeth, and they were pretty much the only ones we actually did in the years since then.

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