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School Week 4

September 25, 2008




This week we began learning the “I AM” statements of Jesus and focused on Jesus – the Light of the World.  Our memory verse was John 8:12.


Benjamin made a candle to remind us of this.

To memorize the verse I wrote it out on a dry erase board, and Benjamin erased one word at a time saying the verse until all the words were gone.  That all it took to memorize it!

In English Benjamin learned what “singular” and “plural” mean, as well as the rules for capitalization.  We had copywork assignments and practiced reading slowly, pronouncing every sound. 


We learned about different North American Indian tribes, made a wigwam and teepees.  Benjamin continued using Draw Write Now books for drawing and copywork.

“Naya Nuki” became our read aloud book since we finished “Squanto” prematurally.  It’s a story of an 11 year old girl kidnapped by another tribe from her home in Montana, and taken to North Dakota.  She bravely escapes and alone takes a 1000 mile journey through the wildenesss back to her tribe.  Benjamin and I couldn’t put the book down.  It was an excellent choice for this week!

 In Science we learned about the Universe, the stars and gravity.  Due to living in a city the starry sky isn’t something we are privy to, but we still enjoyed looking at them in books, and are planning a trip to the mountains where the skies are clear and star gazing shall be  possible.

As usual, Grant enjoyed making messes and “learning” about the world around him!


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