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School Week 1

September 9, 2008


This is recap of Benjamin’s first week of first grade at Karis Academy.  We are using Adventures in my Father’s World curriculum, and Math U See.  I am in love with MFW curriculum!  I love having a list of things to do every day, and get a great sense of accomplishment when everything gets checked off the list.  I was hesitant on using the curriculum that MFW recommends for second or third graders for Benjamin while he is in first grade, but they do say that it may be used for first graders who read and write well.  And it has worked very well for us so far.  Benjamin is enjoying school and so am I!  There are several things that I like about My Father’s World but I will save it for another day.  For now I just want to record what we have done so far ( we are already in week 3).




To understand why the name “Jesus” is so special, we wrote a letter to Benjamin explaining why we named him so, and why his name is special.  It was one of the sweetest moments I have experienced with him while reading the letter to him.  He had a huge smile on his face!  The letter truly touched him and made him realize how special and loved he is by his Daddy and Mommy.  

We also learned about Vikings, in particular, about Leif Ericcson.  We looked over maps of the world and of the USA, located North, South, East, West, etc.  In science we learned what scientists do and performed our first experiment.  It was a fun filled week!  Below are some pictures!

Oh, and we were also very happy to have the first day of school in a new school room (well, more of a corner), but it is perfect (at least to me!)  The Lord blessed us with wonderful things to fill the school corner!  I found a table in an alley that I just knew with some love and care will fit in wonderfully in the corner.  A week later I found a chair in the same alley.  Eric worked hard the weekend before the school was to start sanding, staining, painting.  Then on Sunday night the room was set up!  I was beaming!  So was Benjamin!  What a special first day of school treat for both of us!


We added salt to one of the glasses of water.  Do you see the difference?

We added salt to one of the glasses of water. Do you see the difference?



Our daily recordkeeping!

Our daily recordkeeping!

 On Saturday Eric had an Art Class with Benjamin.  We are using this wonderful book that I saw on another blog a while ago.  It gives a short story of an artist, describes his/her style of art, and then teaches how to create a masterpiece of your own in a similar manner.  The first lesson was on Van Gogh.  

And I never took the photograph of the finished painting!  Will need to correct that soon.  The next picture is how our first day of school ended.  Benjamin got a 103 fever, and ended his day on the couch…

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  1. September 12, 2008 11:16 pm

    How exciting! I hear such great things about Math U See and MFW. I am sure that I’ll be using this cirriculum next year. Looks like it’s going to be a great year, how fun!


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